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I was only going to be in Italy for 3 whole days, so I decided to focus on eating as much good food as I can. I regret to say I got caught up a bit in other things…but I did get to eat lots of delicious treats!

Here are the best things we ate:


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Pizza: My all-time favorite food. Naples: Birthplace of pizza. I was in crust and sauce and cheese heaven the entire trip!

The best places we found were:

Da Michele: They only have 2 kinds of pizza – Pizza Marinara with JUST sauce and Pizza Margherita with cheese. We were way skeptical at first, but it was DELICIOUS. I shocked myself by enjoying the marinara one more than the one with cheese! And I love cheese!  You get giant pizzas for 4 euro each so it’s a great deal…just be warned about the line to get in! Go before 7pm.

Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente: A little hole in the wall not quite as good as Da Michele, but still WAY delicious. They had about 15 times more choices too. And also arancini…which I had a minor love affair with during the trip (shhh…don’t tell Pizza)


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Gelato. Gelato. Gelato.

It strangely really does taste better in Italy than it does anywhere else I’ve had it. I always thought people were full of it when they would tell me…but it’s actually true!


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Ham and mozzerella on a baguette. That’s all. Proof right there of how amazing Italian cooking is. No sauces, toppings, or anything else…yet the quality of the ingredients made it one of my favorite things I ate in Italy.



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Random pastries from various bake shops.

Some I liked…some I really didn’t. All of them were beautiful to look at though and the bake shops smelled fantastic!

I think next time I’m in Italy all I’m going to do is eat. And gain 15 pounds. But it will be a 15 pounds well spent!