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Lily 8 months


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Lily: 7 months old



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Lily and Daddy


These two.


They kill me.


Just looking at this post as I’m writing it makes my heart feel like it’s going to burst into a million little pieces in the best way possible. Lily lights up whenever she sees her daddy coming and Chris definitely gets the lion’s share of the giggles these days. I hope she grows up always knowing how treasured she is by her daddy.


Lily and daddy, two peas in a pod.


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Lily: 5 Months Old


This little girl just keeps getting more and more fun every day!




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Lily: 4 Months Old!


Confession: When all our friends were having babies before us we would secretly make fun of them for being obsessed with every little thing their baby did. We would snicker silently to each other when their baby would burp or hiccup or scrunch their face up weird and they would exclaim their delight in their singsong baby voices and snap 500 photos. To all those friends (you know who you are)…we are sorry.
We absolutely, 100% get it now.
Literally EVERYTHING Lily does is adorable and new and wondrous. Even the gross stuff like poop is thrilling in bizarre and delightful ways. Karma has caught up to us and we are now parents who are unequivocally obsess over our little girl just like every other parent who has gone before us. And just like every other parent who has gone before us, we have discovered we LOVE it. How could we not with this lovely little girl in our lives :)


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