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February 2014

2014 got off to a very busy start with work, so not a lot actually happened for most of January/February. At least not a lot that was super worth of photo documentation. But here are a few highlights from February:


A big French anti-submarine warfare naval vessel, the FS Primauguet, made a port of call in Stavanger for a few days and offered free open tours during certain hours. We gave it a romp with our friends, Carrie and Kjetil, and their kids.


Downtown Stavanger is beautiful, even in the middle of winter.
And lastly, after MANY failed attempts, I finally managed to make decent homemade corn tortillas! We can't find true corn tortillas here in Norway anywhere, and fish tacos just aren't the same with flour. They were a TON of work, but I'm excited we finally have something useable for special fish taco occasions :)


Chris Goes to Poland

At the beginning of summer, Chris went to Bydgoszcz, Poland (read like bydajflagkfjd. Pronounced like “bid-gosh”) for work.

“Chris, do you have anything to say about Poland?”
“Poland is…..Poland.”

And with that vivid word painting, here are some photos of a very Poland-ish Poland.


The Past Few Weeks

You guys… I know my last post was all about the lack of spring… but this weekend spring has sprung! A lot can change in a few weeks! It’s currently 75 degrees F (count-em: 7-5 degrees!). I’m typing this sitting outside on our balcony in a skirt and bare feet feeling the breeze in my hair and listening to the screams of the kids swimming in the pond across the way and the waves from the passing fjord boats. Chris is just inside the door reading in a sunny spot on the couch. It’s absolutely glorious. I swear I can actually FEEL myself soaking the vitamin D into my winter-pale skin!

Now…not to be gloomy on such a beautiful day or anything, but while it appears spring has finally shown it’s face, we’ve been living here long enough to know better now. Based on the past few years, around this time we typically get a major heat wave (meaning hanging out between 70-75 degrees) for a little while and then it dips back into wet and chilly for most of the rest of the “summer”. Even the locals accept that this may very well be the only true summer days we will get. So while it’s a little bittersweet, we are taking advantage of it!

Here are a few Instagram shots from our phones from the past little while to keep you up to speed. We’ve had a busy few weeks! Cousin Patrick and his new wife Anna came to visit, Chris has been working on setting up one of his old computers as a home server, Skittles is adorable as always, cakes and cupcakes continue to rule my life, we celebrated Norway’s Constitution Day,  we’ve been practicing our sailing skills we learned last summer, we watched our first Eurovision Song Contest, we planted a balcony garden, and the weather is finally allowing us to grill for real!

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It has been a good few weeks :)

Life Lately

Wanna know why there haven’t been any updates on this blog in over two weeks? Because I have been working on Chelsea’s Cool Cakes’ website, which is also using WordPress, and it just took too much energy to switch between accounts. True story.


Lots has been happening though so I thought I’d exert myself and type in the required login and password to give you a quick run-down of the most major stuff:

  • I started officially baking out of my bakery last week! There have been a lot of kinks to work out, it being a huge change in routine and systems and all…. but so far so good! More updates on that will follow soon.
  •  Chris was in the Czech Republic last week doing a super crazy awesome Civilian Pre-Deployment Training. They had to wear armor, learn how to probe for landmines, and even got kidnapped and roughed up by “infidels”. All in a day’s work.
  • Even though the weather is still in the 30’s and the pond outside our house is still frozen, it has been sunny for an entire week and that, combined with me getting all my cake stuff out of the house, has thrown us into über spring-cleaning mode. And I mean ÜBER!

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  1. Awful square toilet in our hotel room in Oslo
  2. Great pillow seen in a shop window downtown
  3. Finished painting!
  4. Seemingly never-ending trips to Ikea
  5. Beautiful hand-piped pepperkake (Norwegian gingerbread) at the cake show in Oslo
  6. Hot dogs with fried onions wrapped in a pancake. Norway style.
  7. Sunny days!!
  8. Lovely Anna making us pizza
  9. My life these days…
  10. Skittles flat out refusing to come out of her carrier to get her nails trimmed at the vet
  11. Getting kidnapped by some baddies.
  12. Armor
  13. Survival training
  14. Spring is coming!


That’s all for now! HAPPY EASTER!!!

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Life Lately – November Edition

I read a great analogy a while ago:

Instagram is to a photographer as a sketchpad is to a painter.

I knew there was a reason I loved Instagram! Instagram basically takes away all of the artistic decisions a photographer must make and the only real choice left to you is composition. It’s great practice and I love it!

So without further ado, here are some of the latest snapshots of our life:

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1 – 2: TCSE (The Coolest Sheehans Ever) hosted a Murder Mystery dinner party a little while ago. This one was set in Ancient Rome. Chris was Bogus Fortunatus: Entrail-reading seer-turned-pop sensation and I was Cleptopatra: Thieving queen of the Nile.

3. Bruleeing the heck out of the creme brulee!

4. Taco pizzas

5-6: Early Christmas present from our fellow Walking Dead-lovers Josh and Kolie!

7. Donated cupcakes for Prosjekt Pupp (translated: “Project Boob”) – a local breast cancer awareness fundraiser

8. Norwegian-style hot dogs (wrapped in bacon complete with sour cream/mayo sauce and fried onions!)

9-12: It snowed BIG time this past week. You’d be surprised, considering this is Norway an’ all, but it doesn’t really snow a ton in Stavanger. I’m pretty sure we got more snow this past weekend than we did all of last winter. And it has been FREEZING! Our floor heating in our house hasn’t been able to keep up with the cold and it’s been rather nippy. I had to put an electric hot pad on top of Skittle’s cage to keep the poor little thing from getting icy feet. She won’t stay on my shoulder more than 10 minutes before asking to go back to her cage to snuggle up on her hot pad. On the worst day, we both took a nap in the bathroom because for some reason it stays toasty warm in there. Also, this morning we were out of milk and I didn’t have the courage to bundle up to go outside, so I ate my cereal with half & half. It’s been a little pathetic :) I miss Chris and his warmness to hug and snuggle up to at night, even though he may or may not have forgotten to put our winter tires on before he left for Germany (thank goodness for home teachers!)

But gosh, Stavanger sure is beautiful in the snow!