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Lily: 7 months old



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Around the bakery with Lily these days


Lily has been such a trooper coming to work with me as much as she does. On paper it’s super adorable that she gets to grow up in a cake shop, but in practice it’s different every single day. Some days are great and she’s happy, cheerful, well-napped and content to play with her toys. Other days (usually Fridays, our busiest day of the week) she’s overtired and refuses to let me put her down anywhere, which makes it extremely difficult (and stressful) to decorate cakes on a deadline. I’ve learned to do a lot of things one handed!


It’s definitely a big challenge, but I love that I get to spend so much time with her, even on the cranky days. It’s such a blessing to watch her be social, explore the shop and interact with our customers.


Munching on our baking tools. She also enjoys banging cake tins, scrunching pastry bags, and pulling apart cupcake cases. Someday we’ll figure out how to turn all of this into useful labor ;)


bakerybabe2Mommy’s little “helper” during photoshoots.


Enjoying a playtime break in her playpen.




Slikkepotten hat and Harry Potter shirt. This girl is definitely MY daughter :)


On particularly busy days Chris will come hang out with Lily after he gets off of work so that I can have an extra hour of Lily-free time to finish up projects. This is Lily’s “Daddy is tickling me!” face and it melts my heart every time I look at it!


I just love my little bakery buddy!
Misc August
Just a few (ok fine…a lot of) favorite photos from August:

Beets are scary looking when they are all cut up. 
Lily is obsessed with mirrors. Every time we pass the one in the halls at church she gets so excited!
Waiting for mom and dad to PLEASE be done talking so she can go home. It apparently starts young.
These are not chocolate waffles. Whoops….


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Lily’s first foods
A few days before she turned 6 months old, we let Lily officially try solid food for the first time (she’d snuck a few tastes here and there before). We are trying out the Baby Led Weaning method of introducing solid foods (basically skipping the purees and going straight for whole soft foods) and so far it’s going well. She went straight for the steamed carrot and while she didn’t actually swallow anything this first test she sure enjoyed the taste and texture! We’ll see how it goes in the coming months!

Watching Daddy eat his carrots to see how it’s done.


Om nom nom




Lily: 6 months old


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