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I got some pretty uncool news today. I found out from my friend Ani (Chris’ coworker’s wife) that if I have my work permit I could get into Norwegian language classes for free! Normally tuition is around 4,000 NOK (over $700) so that would be amazing! I applied for my work permit back in February so I called the permit office today to see how much longer it will take to process and guess what I found out! The processing time for my permit is 11 months! 11 MONTHS! That’s almost a year!

Totally uncool.

The lady at the permit office said I could keep checking back and hopefully it’ll be ready a month or two sooner, but for now it’s looking like I will be jobless for much longer than we were expecting.

Although it’s a major bummer that I’m now currently an indefinitely unemployed university graduate, I figure this is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity where I have no job, no kids, and lots of free time so I should definitely make the most of it.

So I sat down to ponder about what I’m going to do with myself for the next 11 months and came up with these goals:

Explore my world (even if it’s cold)

Collect recipes and cook lots of awesome food, learning
as many professional techniques as I can along the way.
Stay fit and healthy & get a rockin' bod :)

Become a better blogger

Learn Norwegian as best I can on my own.

Be more dedicated to reading my scriptures and growing spiritually.

Build my cake business.

Figure out all the tips, tricks, and secrets for how to
travel everywhere in Europe.
Continue building lifelong friendships.

Ride my bike everywhere.

Make our apartment a SUPER APARTMENT
(i.e. very organized and beautifully decorated)

Get really good at coupons. Especially since everything here is so expensive!

Learn to build my own furniture (a la Ana White of Knock Off Wood)

Find service opportunities, especially among friends and in the church.

Begin a digital scrapbook starting with our wedding.
Learn to sew more than just pajamas.
Practice the piano.
Learn HTML, Dreamweaver, and After Effects.



I think I’m going to be pretty busy for the next 11 months, what do you think? :)