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Family Oz Comes to Visit

It happened.

The moment we have been anticipating for almost 3 years….

My family came to visit Norway!

(Well, almost my family. My brother, Rick, wasn’t able to come along :( Real-life grown-up jobs and all that nonsense…)
Not only was it wonderful to spend so much time with them, but after listening to all our stories for so long it was so fun to be able to take them to all of our favorite places, feed them Norwegian food, and show them off to our friends here! Plus, it was my brother, Cam’s, first time out of the country! I’d say Norway is a pretty good place to start off your world travels.

They were only here for a week, but it was a jam-packed week of road-trips, trains, boats, fjords, hikes, lots of Norwegian hot dogs (wrapped in bacon with fried onions and sweet chili sauce), exploring and two jars of Nutella! We gave them a little taster of what Norway has to offer and we just may have convinced them to come back another time or two :)

We love you guys!

Spring has sprung in Stavanger!

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