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Three-generation date in Oslo

During Grandma’s visit Grandma, Lily and I took a day trip to Oslo just because we could. We took the night train there (sleeping in a sleeper car), bopped around Oslo for the day, and then took the night train back. Oslo is surprisingly doable in a single day, especially in the off-season. Mom got a huge kick out of spending the night on a train for the first time (just like me on my first time!) and even Lily enjoyed it! It was hard to really tell at that age what she liked, but the motion of the train calmed her right down and she slept like a rock!

We hit 4 of my favorite museums (The Fram, Kon Tiki, Viking Ships, and the Norwegian Folk Museum) to give my mom a good dose of Norwegian history and culture. Lily spent the whole day in and out of naps in her Solly Baby wrap and handled the long day like a champ! We’ll make a world traveler out of her yet!

Grandma and Lily taking in the Northern Lights show aboard the polar ship Fram.


The Viking Ship Museum
The Royal Palace


Train Sleeping

Sometimes I am afraid that I am growing up.

I mean…I’m married, I run my own business, and I have to worry about awful stuff like health insurance and retirement plans and taxes. Blegch.

But then I have an experience that reassures me that no, I am thankfully not quite fully an adult yet.

The most recent of these experiences came when Chris and I took a trip to Oslo this past weekend and WE GOT TO SLEEP ON A TRAIN! Not just sleep in the seats like we’ve done before… but in an actual sleeper car where we tucked ourselves into our tiny cabin in Stavanger and woke up across the country in Oslo! It was so cool!

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And while I was snuggling into my cozy bunk after bouncing around our cabin excitedly forcing Chris to take pictures with me, I realized that even though I may be heading into the later part of my 20s, I am still young enough to get ridiculously excited about sleeping on a train.

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