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A summer jaunt to Vegas

One of our best friends, Julie, got married in July so of course we had to fly home for the big day! I know.. Vegas in the middle of summer! Crazy! We hadn’t been home to Vegas at the height of summer for a while and we were a little worried that we’ve gone soft in the colder weather of Norway, but much to our pleasure we discovered we could still handle the heat as well as anybody does in Vegas! Which, yes, basically means we lived by the pool. I think we freaked out my parents a little bit when, during the first three days, we lounged around in a next-to-vegetative stupor with little motivation to do anything besides sit quietly and zone out. Between Chris’ busy travel schedule and all the crazy hours I’d been putting into Slikkepotten… we were beat and doing absolutely NOTHING for a few days felt more wonderful that I could possibly describe! Does that mean we are getting old???


If it does, I don’t really care, because we sure needed it!

Julie was the last of our little childhood BFF trio to enter into holy matrimony, so of course we had to celebrate with a ladies’ night out on the town. (And when you are Mormon Vegas locals, that doesn’t mean clubbing and yard-long margaritas. It means ginormous and decadent ice cream sundaes at The Sugar Factory. Viva Las Vegas!)

And of course, lots of sexy underwear for Julie to unwrap, because that’s just the kind of friends we are. Ooooo baby!
Our waiter was clearly a pro at taking photos…
Julie was simply radiant on her wedding day! This was the first wedding between the three of us that we were all able to attend and it was very special indeed.
Very special…
And cute pregnant Jessica gave birth to the firstborn of the bunch just over 2 days later! I feel like it was a big weekend for our little group of friends :)


Brother Brian’s Wedding
It sure was a big week for little brothers while Chris and I were in the States! This time it was Chris' littlest brother, Brian's, turn. He went and got himself hitched to his sweetheart, Jessica.

Festivities began with a Cafe Rio-catered “rehearsal dinner” for the Hills and Madsens the night before the big day.
Many loving toasts and speeches were made.
The soon-to-be-newlyweds
Grandma and Grandpa


The next morning, Brian and Jessica were married in the Provo, Utah temple.
Presenting the new Mr. and Mrs. Hill!
The whole Hill Family

Brian and his ladies.

Brian and his bros.
As a gift for Brian and Jessica, I volunteered to make their wedding cake. They are both huge Legend of Zelda fans, so they requested their cake to be made in the shape of Hyrule Castle from The Ocarina of Time. It was a feat and a half to pull it off in only 3 days (especially with all of the other wedding festivities going on), but with lots of helping hands and a few late nights we pulled it off JUST in time to get it to the reception!
Despite the stress of trying to get such a large and unique cake done on time, I think it ended up being one of my favorite memories from the wedding. Chris' SIL, Elisangela, also makes cakes so she and her husband (Chris' brother, Michael) helped loads! They stayed up into the wee hours of the morning with me before the wedding to help finish details and make witching-hour runs to Walmart for more ingredients. Any friends that came over the next afternoon were put to work adding the finishing touches. Even some of the nieces and nephews helped out (in their own special way). It ended up being extra special because so many people put their time and love into it all for Brian and Jessica. Definitely a wedding cake to remember!
Elisangela also made her specialty brigadeiros (Brazillian sweets). So good!
And of course, since the bride and groom love Legend of Zelda so much, the decorations and colors were all loosly based on the game. I thought it was a fun secret twist and added a nice personal touch to the whole event.
The lovely mother of the groom.

Like father, like son.
After revealing the cake to the happy couple. I think they liked it :)
Some wedding lovin'

Julie caught the bouquet and guess what… she's now engaged to that Geoff guy! Funny how that happens…



Welcome to the family, Jessica!!