Thankful November

After our trip to London, November was still pretty insanely busy and actually rather stressful. Chris was still gone for most of the month and work at the bakery never slows down.


First off, we had the Varatun Christmas market to prepare for. We had a booth with cake supplies and hosted a gingerbread decorating station for the kids. While we were in the process of mixing, cutting, and baking over 800 gingerbread cookies, every baker’s worst fear came true: our oven stopped working. We had to scramble and take all the cookie dough over to Katrine’s house to bake them. As you can imagine, late nights ensued in order to have them ready in time for the market.


Luckily, we had already purchased our big new industrial oven and were in the process of having it installed while we were in the UK the week before, but it still wasn’t completely hooked up and in working order yet. THANKFULLY because of the Christmas market we hadn’t taken any cake orders so while inconvenient, it wasn’t as big of a disaster as it could have been.


Also…I got up in the middle of the night to pee (as pregnant women are wont to do) and stumbled over my suitcase in the dark, ripping off my big toenail again (it was already pretty janky due to a ballroom dancing accident my freshman year of college). I couldn’t wear closed toe shoes for three days due to the swelling! What a start to the month!


My poor toe!
The cake shop completely torn to bits while our oven was being installed (and yes…those are Halloween decorations still up…) + A special delivery from Chris since he couldn’t be there in person to help me through my rough week. I seriously married the most amazing man :)
Varatun Christmas Market
We finally got our brand new-to-us deck oven up and running! This was the first test-bake and from then on out our lives have changed for the better. We went from only being able to bake 12 cupcakes at once to being able to bake 120. No more 14-hour baking days for moi! I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing that is after almost 4 years of baking in a tiny normal home oven.
Skittles being Skittles and hanging out on the baby bump.
Chris came back from Naples and that same weekend our church ward had a fun Thanksgiving activity up at some cabins at the Sirdal ski resort up in the mountains the weekend before Thanksgiving. We all got together and cooked 10 turkeys, huge vats of sweet potatoes, and numerous pies and had ourselves a classic American Thanksgiving dinner. The picture above is the only picture I have from the trip. It started to snow pretty heavily on the way back down to Stavanger and unfortunately since Chris had been gone for so long we still hadn’t put the winter tires on our car. It was a little shaky, but we made it home in one piece.

The next weekend on the official holiday Chris and I had ourselves a little mini Thanksgiving dinner just the two of us (by official holiday I mean the Saturday of the official weekend. Since Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated here in Norway Chris and I don’t get it off of work so we haven’t had Thanksgiving dinner on actual Thanksgiving day since we moved to Norway.) This year, on my continuing quest to make the perfect turkey, I whittled it down to the bare bones to start at the basics. I got rid of all the homemade fancy roasted garlic rub and all that nonsense from years past and purely rubbed it all over with butter and stuffed the cavity with lemons, onions, and herbs. It turned out to be the closest to the turkeys on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens I’ve made yet! I still need to work a little bit on the evenness of the browning and now I’m going to start to play with flavor a little since it was a little bland with only butter, but it was perfectly moist and that’s ultimately what matters! Next year just might be the year!

Chris and I sure had a lot to be grateful for this year!

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  1. Jon says:

    So nice to be your own bos so that when you “rip…off [your] big toenail” you can just write yourself a sick note!

    …or not. :-(

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