The Acropolis 2.0

Not much beats getting to see the Parthenon for the first time, but I think our second time seeing it will always be my favorite.

Walking up the now-familiar slick, foot-worn hill, I was struck with a sense of awe about how truly blessed we were to be back at the Acropolis barely one year after our first visit. We thought at the time that it would be a once-in-a-lifetime chance but the Lord saw fit to bless us with the opportunity to experience it again together, along with more great friends.

It still looked pretty much the same, scaffolding and cranes and all:

but the feeling was different. Rather than feeling the rush of newness and the pressure to see every tiny detail, I felt a great sense of peace and immense gratitude.
I'm grateful I have this memory to remind me of the thankful feeling that day and to encourage me to be more mindful of all the daily blessings (both big and small) we receive from our Father in Heaven. We are truly, truly blessed in so many ways!
And speaking of blessings, check out these awesome friends of ours:
They sure produce cute babies!
And of course, the best blessing both in Greece and everywhere else in the universe:
This amazing fellow I call my husband :)
DiscoboChris and the Venus de Chelsea
Whoops….wrong historical monument ;)


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  1. Stefanie says:

    That is nice to see that it can be (and probably will be) a different experience when you go back somewhere a second time. I always say ‘Why would i go back somewhere when i could go somewhere new’ but maybe I’m wrong in that. Glad to see you had a good time. Nothing like the pull of friends as traveling companions to get you back ;)

    • I’m usually of your same mentality Stepf, but for some reason we tend to go to a lot of places twice. Not necessariy deliberately. A lot of it is because of Chris’ job. There are only so many NATO bases around Europe afterall so he repeats them fairly frequently. While I don’t think repeating a destination would usually be my first pick, it has definitely had its perks! You can get a much better feel for places when you aren’t so concerned with the newness of it all and you can develop “favorites” (favorite restaurants, favorite ice cream places, etc). I woulnd’t choose it, but I embrace it when it falls in our laps :)

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