The Hills come to visit!

One of the best parts about living in Norway so far has been having our families come to visit. My family came for a week last summer and this summer was the summer of the Hills!
Mom, Dad and Chris’ youngest sister, Emma, spent a week romping around France and then popped over to Norway to spend 3 weeks among the vikings with their favorite oldest son!
Well, mostly with their favorite oldest son. Chris was still in Svalbard for the first few days they were here so they got to spend the first part of their trip with their favorite oldest son’s wife :) We wiled away the Chris-less days exploring the Gladmat Food Festival in downtown Stavanger sampling all of the delicious local foods they had to offer. I don’t know if I’m just not remembering past Gladmat festivals correctly, but I thought this year was the best we’ve seen before. We tried elk burgers, pickled herring tacos, fresh baked naan, wild Norwegian forest pesto, sheep sausages, ice cream, gelato, gourmet cheeses and I MAY have gotten a little overexcited at the fact that there was a stand selling fresh-fried churros! I’m not ashamed to admit we went back to that stand more than once.

This also happened to be the warmest summer Stavanger has seen in over 100 years. It got well up into the 80s fahrenheit, which sounds super nice compared to the Vegas/Utah weather we are used to… but when you factor in the fact that NOBODY has air conditioning here (because since when does it ever get that warm in the summer in Norway??) and the fact that our car’s air conditioning hasn’t worked in years (because our car has special needs and why get it fixed if you NEVER use it?) it can feel stiflingly warm really fast. The plus side was we had absolutely FANTASTIC weather during our time with the Hills as long as we were outside to enjoy it! The negative side was our apartment has lovely big southern-facing windows, which in this heat wave turned our living area into a greenhouse. When we tried to open all the doors and windows to get a cross-breeze blowing, all we really did was let in a swarm of flies and bees (because apparently the heat-wave also caused an upsurge in the breeding patterns of flying insects. Trust me, it was in the news). We tried to hang out outside as much as possible, but we only lasted two days before we set off in search of some good strong electric fans so make indoors more bearable. Much to our dismay, we found the stores completely sold out! We asked a clerk when they might expect a new shipment and he responded, “We just got a shipment in yesterday and they sold out again within two hours! We’re on hold for another order now because all of our suppliers are sold out all the way back to Sweden!” Only in Norway…
But seriously though, once you got out of our apartment the weather was absolutely fantastic! We couldn’t have asked for a better time for the Hills to visit! I think by the end of the trip we had them pretty convinced they wanted to move here with us :) Good show, Norway. Good show!
(Also, as a side note, we hadn’t broken the news about our pregnancy to Chris’ family yet. We were trying to keep it a surprise until after he got home! I tell you, THAT was an adventure trying to keep a secret while dealing with heat, nausea, and strange new foods for a few days! And my little baby bump was starting to show, so it was baggy/blousy shirts for me. What a secret to try to keep eh?)


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