There’s that time in 2013 we went to Greece…

Holy cow! Is it REALLY 2014 already?

Yet again, I find myself desperately catching up on the blog from last year in order to start the new year fresh and ready to keep up with the new things happening. I realized recently that last January I was blogging about our big “summer” trip we took in September and strangely enough, this year is no different. We also took our big trip of the year in September this year and here I am writing about it in January again. At least I’m consistent :)

I have seriously had the worst case of writer’s block lately. I’ve literally been staring at a blank blog page for almost 2 months now with a completely empty brain. As soon as I open the blog to begin a post, all known language drains out of my head and I’m left slowly drooling on the keyboard until Chris comes along and snaps me out it so we can eat dinner.

I think part of it stems from the fact I had really high hopes for this series of posts on Greece. While we were there I filled pages and pages of notes and observations in the hopes that I could turn them into flowing posts of beautiful, yet hilarious prose perfectly preserving the memories of that trip forever. Now, after spending too many hours disinfecting drooled-on keyboards, I think it’s finally time to admit defeat and just write the darn things.

Writer’s block: 1 Chelsea: 0

So here we go:

This one time back in September we met up with Chris&Michi&Baby in Greece after their 2-week sojourn in Germany. Islands were hopped, beaches were relaxed upon, ruins were explored, and tzatziki was consumed in large quanities. And hey! Look! So far no drool. Opa!


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  1. Stefanie says:

    Our best travels are in September too! Croatia is pretty much amazing in the fall :) And I totally get the writers block thing. I have SO much to say, but i put so much pressure on myself to do justice to the place with my post, that it stops me from starting at all. Unless in the case of croatia, in which i threw up from morning sickness at least twice a day on the trip, and didn’t write about it after mostly because I was too busy being sick and sleeping once i got home…

  2. O-Dad says:

    Well, with that last paragraph, I think you will have at least exorcised the Passive Voice Demon! :-) But if not, contact Thomas S. Monson for a blessing. I believe he understands the PVD really, really well.

    Chelsea we love your blog posts so much that we’re already lighting candles and burning incense for you!

    O-Dad Jon

    • Ha! That’s actually really funny you mention the Passive Voice Demon. I practically rewrote the entire post because after the first draft I realized I used WAY too much passive voice and it sounded horribly boring. Maybe I over-compensated a bit too much ;) Consider the PVD conquered!

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