There will be some magical content here (that will probably change your life) someday as soon as I figure out how to force WordPress to do what I want.

It’s about as cooperative as Skittles (the bird, not the candy) would be if I tried to teach her the Argentine tango.

So if you are looking for travel and destination goodies, I would check out the tags or categories links for now. Not fabulous…but it’ll get the job done.

Now, pardon me while I go continue to try to bribe Skittles, er WordPress, to castigada.

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  1. Rachel says:


    I am an American, living in Spain, also experiencing the expat life. :)

    I am heading to Norway for the first time just for a 4 day weekend next weekend. We fly in and out of Bergen. We are renting a car, and trying to decide what to do and where to go! We are wanting to hike Trolltunga, but reading your post about it scared me a bit. We aren’t camping, so wouldn’t have gear. but would need to do it as just a day hike. Is the trail clearly marked?

    Do you have any other suggestions of hikes or things to see in the Hardangerfjord area or maybe Flam? We aren’t sure what’s the most worth our time!

    We leave on Thursday morning, so should probably be farther ahead in our planning than we are. :) oops! would appreciate any input!


  2. Mark says:

    Hello! I came across your blog searching for information on Norway. Our family will soon travel to your region of Norway and it is obvious you know it well! Are you open to me asking a few travel related questions through email so as to not be ‘out there’ for the world to see? Thanks!

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