Update: This Week

Chis is in Kirkenes, Norway this week for a job training thing. No…I’m not a bad wife for not knowing why he goes where he goes. Even he doesn’t know this time around. We thought he’d figure it out when he got there, but it’s now day 2 and he still doesn’t know why he got sent up there. Gotta love the government ;)


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A) Stavanger  B) Kirkenes 

In other news… it seems like my body always saves its sick days until Chris goes out of town. This week is no exception :( I have one of those sore throats that swells your glands and makes your whole neck tender front to back. Definitely not the best week to get sick…but at least Chris didn’t have to sit through the marathon of chick flicks I’ve been plowing through!

We hope you all are having a great week!

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