After our lovely Christmas with the Hill side of the family, we + Ryan headed down to Brianhead, Utah to meet up with the Osborn side of the family for a little skiing/snowboarding action before we all went back down to Vegas. Unfortunately, Ol’ Mama Nature decided to stick it to all the people wishing for a white Christmas and dump snow on us the day AFTER, which happened to be when we were hoping to leave. Ok, fine… we’d wait ’til morning, but not a half a day longer! We couldn’t miss this perfect snow and my family, all cooped up and waiting on us, was getting a bad case of cabin fever.

So the next morning, we headed out into the snow in Ryan’s deteriorating Neon.

“We have chains!” we said.

“We are young with iron wills, we’ll make it up the mountain!” we said.

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Four slippery attempts up the mountain and 7 hours later, we found ourselves sipping hot chocolate and slurping soup and saltines at the Parowan town diner, resigning ourselves to the fact that we would not be making it up the mountain that night. And judging by the number of other stranded would-be skiers around us also slurping hot chocolate and soup, we knew we had to find a motel room fast if we didn’t want to sleep in the car.

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Luckily we got the LAST motel room in town, complete with the ever-classy queen-mattresses-on-twin-frames combo, which made for a rather wobbly night. But we were just grateful to have a room! With both laptops running, we managed to introduce Ryan to both Doctor Who and Sherlock (at the same time no less. We would play one while the other buffered, and then when it quit, we would switch and watch the other one while the previous one loaded, etc. The poor little motel internet didn’t know what hit it.)

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The next morning, the ice melted and we made it up the mountain all piece-of-cake-like. We met up with my family just in time to hit the slopes with my dad. Blue skies, light wind, no crowds. Booyah. Totally worth all the effort the previous night!

We documented it all with our GoPros, and it naturally turned into a pretty awesome video, if I do say so myself :)





Consider this a little preview of lots more posts to come :)

Highlights from the trip/video (us, Josh and Kolie, or both):

Relaxing on board Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas.

Egypt: the pyramids and sphinx, riding jeeps and camels, the Valley of the Kings

Israel: The Dead Sea, Jerusalem and Ashdod

Turkey: Ephesus and Kusadasi

Greece: The Acropolis and downtown Athens

Italy:  Pompeii, Naples, Sorrento, Capri

Pictures coming soon (as soon as we finish editing them all!)

…Continued from The Marvelous Adventures of Julie K. Walton

Once Julie K. Walton arrived safely in Stavanger after her Norway In A Nutshell expedition, she quickly realized that her Norwegian adventures had only just begun. Together with Chelsea and Chris, she climbed mountains, gazed over perilous cliffs, traversed the fjords, surfed the North Sea, ate reindeer, celebrated Norway’s Constitution Day, and made lots of new friends. It was a grand adventure indeed!

Watch me on full screen mode :)

Click on the photo below to view in slideshow mode :)


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We love you Jules!


It has been over 80 degrees here in Stavanger this past week! Holy smokes it’s been incredible! I actually sweat OUTSIDE when I’m not even running! I know…I know…it’s a miracle! It seems like the entire town has been outside enjoying the sun, beaches, and complete lack of rain (see exhibit A), and Chris and his media team are no exception!

Exhibit A

The usually deserted swimming pond by our apartment.


They decided to be surf bums for a day go on a team building excursion to enjoy the sunshine and warm(er) water. Since everybody in the crew now has their own GoPro, a great video was born (and edited by YJ) which of course was too much of a gem not to be shared :)

I hope you all are having as fantastic of a summer commencement as we are this week!




The day before New Years Eve the sun came out.

It was a pretty big deal.

Blue sky and no rain for an ENTIRE day!

So what did Jenn and I do to celebrate such a rare sunny day?

We threw on some 6mm wetsuits and went surfing, duh!

Neither of us are very good surfers and the winter waves were a bit too strong for our little beginner selves. But we caught a few baby waves close to shore and still had a blast.

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Wetsuit, surfboard, snowboots.

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It was so blasted cold…

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